One of the first readers of my blog blithely pointed out that I am NOT in my sixth decade, but my seventh. This was not the most auspicious reaction to my new venture in blog-posting, but taking the comment as an invitation, I’ve been trying out new names for my blog.

Since I have told only a few friends and family about my blog, I have explored a title that would more fully convey the tone I want to establish in my blog. Taking the name I share with my offspring, Grace, I sought to append an alliteration with the G sound.

My second post about My Mama Had a Dancing Heart provided the clue. Seeking synonyms to dancing, I came up with cavorting, leaping, skipping, frolicking, prancing, and finally to gamboling.

Gamboling Grace. I like it. The word is usually used with lambs, as in gamboling lambs. And I notice that it can be spelled either way: with one l or  ll .  I’ve decided to use one. I also like the idea that gambol sounds the same as gamble. And in part that is another tonal attitude I’d like to establish in this blog. That my life and yours is all about gambling, risk-taking, paying attention to my life as it unfolds, cast the die, and go with the consequences.

Now do I want a subtitle, which is currently “perplexities and observations?” What about : creating space for new images? Or, from hodgepodge to mosaic? Or, a montage of hodgepodge? Oh, I think I like that one.

So for now when you put in mysixthdecade it will take you to Gamboling Grace. That’s because I haven’t figured out yet how to copy everything over to the new title. Stay tuned.

So thank you for gambling (or gamboling) your time on reading

A St. Croix lamb in South Carolina.

Image via Wikipedia

Gamboling Grace. a montage of hodgepodge!


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