In autumn I prune perennials and pull up annuals. I revel in the bright red, yellow and orange leaves still decorating the trees. At the same time I’m busy raking off those already fallen ones threatening my first season plantings. The unpredictability of weather means keeping summer and winter clothes accessible in my closets. This blog is dedicated to life’s autumnal season, its perplexities and perceptions. I’m wanting to prune cluttered thinking. Toss out assumptions long ago outgrown. Notice the empty spaces that I no longer feel compelled to fill. And adapt to rapidly changing mood swings as I feel lonely remembering my mother has died, or I feel cherished by my daughter taking the time to write. Please join me in a conversation about engaging the questions and discoveries encountered along the way in the seventh decade of one woman’s life.


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  1. Hi Lois,
    I lost your number when I synced my iPhone. Duh. Anyway, please call or email me–are you doing working in the Obama campaign in Virginia? Want company?

    Hope your move went well and that you are TOTALLY unpacked. 15 miles in is probably a much easier commute in your densely trafficked neighborhood/area.

    xoxoSue (unbound)

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