Greetings from Kampala, Uganda


I am sitting at an internet cafe in Kampala.  Lindsey, my colleague, and I have returned to running water, electricity, and clean clothes!  I cannot write but a few words because the computer at the internet cafe requires more work than my brain can entertain just now.  We are safe. We are healthy. And we are very happy.  A very successful trip that i look forward to sharing with you day by entertaining day when I return on Tuesday.

Until then, thank you all for your support. For your caring. I carried you in my heart as we walked to each home of the 20 Kobulubulu women. We have been gifted by many chickens and goats, a few fresh eggs, and several baskets and woven mats.  When the two project supervisors received their new bicycles which we brought to them from Kampala, they were so delighted and commented that usually such a gift is called “my husband loves me.”  Their new bikes are being called “Lois loves me.”  Well, I do. And I am so delighted to have Lindsey with me.  The women gave her a grand welcome, and she has been such a help to me every step of the way!

I hope all of you are well.  Since I cannot upload photos and my phone does not work here so uploading from it is also not an option, I will sign off for now!

Gamboling Grace, aka Lois Helena Grace Stovall, President, KRMA-U.S. Partners


About helena grace

Actively seeking how to live in this seventh decade of my life with creativity, compassion, and imagination. While I'm a retired lawyer/mediator and life-long community activist especially in child advocacy, my relationships with others, two-legged and four-legged, define the source of my growth. My spiritual life connects deeply with music and in the community of the creative. I treasure being a mother, wife, grandmother, and daughter. I experience glimpses of the divine in children's illustrated books, peoples of the world, artists, especially of indigenous art forms. I am intrigued at the possibility of finding kindred spirits in the blogosphere, and exploring how to be authentic and maintain a sense of the sacred, and perhaps the private, in such a global dimension.

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  1. Happy to hear you are safe, happy and clean.  Look forward to being with you  after you have settled back

    • I am back! So as soon as I catch up on sleep I will upload photos. Can’t wait to start writing my posts about this incredible trip and these wonderful women. Thanks for stopping by!

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